I don't care if it's a box full of world peace...

...it's still gonna come back and bite me in the ass

30 July
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I'm an English Lit/Art History graduate trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. ;) I love to read, my musical taste is all over the place and I tend to develop quick and consuming obssessions with new TV programmes/movies/musicals on a regular basis - although once I find a show I really love I tend towards to fierce and unabating loyalty. :) I frequently succumb to real-life freakouts, but they pass quickly; I update sporadically but leave plenty of random drive-by comments. ;) All in all, I'm pretty cheerful (and squeeful and will gush endlessly at you if you write fic) once you get to know me. And I like friending people, so if you're here to find out why I've suddenly appeared on your flist, it's probably because I've been reading your fic or enjoy what you have to say on a fandom.

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